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February 19th, 2015. A new method, BUSTED, a new approach to identifying gene-wide evidence of episodic positive selection where the non-synonymous substitution rate is transiently greater than the synonymous rate, is available for use here.
February 9th, 2015. A new tool, a Newick Tree Viewer, is available to view, manipulate, and annotate Newick formatted trees from within your browser.
December 23rd, 2014. A new method, RELAX, a general hypothesis testing framework for detecting relaxed selection in a codon-based phylogenetic framework, is available for use here.
Welcome to the free public server for comparative analysis of sequence alignments using state-of-the-art statistical models. This service is brought to you by the viral evolution group at the School Of Medicine of the University of California, San Diego. Over its lifetime has processed 513087 analyses at a rate of 245.867 jobs/day (over the last 30 days). can help you answer the following questions ( publications citing

Acknowledgements and disclaimers. is implemented on the Applecross/San Diego Alliance cluster which was funded jointly by the UCSD CFAR grant, NSF award 0714991 and a Medical Research Council (UK) grant to the University of Edinburgh (to Prof. Andy Leigh Brown). Further support provided by the UCSD Center for AIDS Research BIT Core. Our data privacy policy   Copyright notice
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